opinion Newport Rhode Island

I urge you to support Paul Marshall as the best choice for Third Ward City Councilor. Rather than respond to the baseless attacks spread by the incumbent’s campaign, let me state what Newporters already know: Paul is a well-educated young man who grew up here and whose family, from wife and baby to grandparents, reside here. He is honest and has no hidden agenda. He is committed to making Newport a better place for us all.

I would remind the many people who are unhappy with where Newport is right now that there is one constant in Newport City Government over the past 25 years – the current Third Ward Councilor.  Yes, she deserves credit for volunteering this much time to our City and being responsive to the homeowners in the 3rd Ward, but I can guarantee you that Paul will be just as responsive, but to ALL of the Third Warders. There is more to city government than answering phone calls and fixing roads. Being a City Councilor in 2020 requires VISION. 

It is time for our City Councilor to be cognizant of today’s problems but also proactive and creative in solving our City’s future problems. First, if Newport has any hope of being a place to raise a family, passage of the School Bond is essential. In 2020, Newport does not need a Councilor who uses outdated teaching experience as a badge to make herself pro-education. Paul is committed to the future of our city and recognizes the integral role our school system plays. Second, Newport is a diverse community which needs to recognize and embrace that diversity. Newport needs a voice that recognizes our diverse community and understands that the City is not immune to racial inequities, not someone who denies this reality and was the sole dissenting voice on the council regarding condemning hate speech. Third, Paul’s educational and work background prepare him for the climate change crisis that is facing Newport now. Our community, and specifically the Third Ward, is blessed with beauty and access to the water that must be preserved and protected in order for all of us to maintain the quality of life that makes this place so special for both residents and visitors alike and Paul has the background to make this a priority.

A public servant in these difficult times must be a combination of loyalty to constituents and a vision for the future. Paul Marshall will be loyal to all Third Ward constituents as he works with local government and citizens to move Newport forward to a positive, sustainable future for us all. I urge you to choose him for your Third Ward Councilor.

Diane Manson, Newport