opinion Newport Rhode Island

I believe one of the most important qualities needed in those running for national, state or local office is leadership.

Examine the legacy of leadership attributes left to the world by one of the world’s greatest explorer, Samuel de Champlain.

In his book « Champlain’s Dream » by American historian by David Hackett Fischer, he writes that Champlain’s greatest achievement and contribution was « the success of his principled leadership in the cause of humanity. »

Fischer further states  that Champlain believed that one of the attributes of a good leader was his/her « ability to prepare for the unexpected in a world of danger and uncertainty….Mainly it is about taking a broad view in projects of large purpose, and about thinking for the long run. »

Fischer also adds that
« Champlain’s idea of leadership was also an ethical idea ».  The author quotes Champlain from one of his treatise’s in which Champlain wrote that a leader « should be liberal according to his opportunities….should not practice cruelty or vengeance….but on the contrary he makes use of his success with courtesy and moderation…. »

Let’s hope we all look at voting for ethical leaders.

Ron Héroux