To the Editor, 

I would like to voice my support for the reelection of Jamie Bova. I’ve been a “Newporter by choice” since 2014, when I moved here to dance professionally with Island Moving Company, and Jamie is one of the best representatives I could ask for. Like me, Jamie is among the young workforce this city depends upon; she understands what is at stake for Newport’s future while demonstrating respect for its past. 

On a personal level, I am deeply appreciative of Jamie’s support for the arts in Newport. Aside from bringing joy and meaning to people’s lives, an authentic arts community is integral to a healthy year-round economy. 

Jamie becoming Mayor was a bright spot for me in an otherwise bleak political landscape. Seeing someone from my own generation lead so capably has been inspiring. A few specific examples that stand out to me are Jamie’s handling of the gas outage in 2019, her involvement in the North End Urban Plan, her patient and cautious navigation of the Covid-19 pandemic, and her unequivocal support for the movement for Black lives. 

Almost one year ago, I welcomed my daughter Ida to the world. This will be the first election in which I am voting for her future. I’m proud to have cast my vote (already, by mail) to reelect Jamie Bova, and I hope you will too. 

Tara Gragg 

Dancer, Island Moving Company 

Board Chair, Newport Art House