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I read with great interest Brian Jones’ column today, as its central topic has been on my mind a lot during this turbulent period.  I have strong ties to Newport County and hope to return there, one day. This column spoke for me, but only to a point.  I think Brian made a strategic error in allowing himself to waver from his initial topic of whether voters wish to display signage.

It’s unfortunate that he chose to then offer his personal opinions on the presidential candidates, which have no bearing on the subject matter.  I feel it was perfectly alright to declare early on his allegiance to Joe Biden….I, too, support Joe.  However, he then took a wrong turn, in analyzing the candidates and offering his takes on them.  This was not only irrelevant but has already invited, as I write, one response from Mr. Valera, whose entire letter was in support of Mr. Trump.  Conspicuous in its absence was any mention by him of the thrust of the column.  

As the day moves along, we may expect more of the same response and that will distract from Brian’s intent.  For a former longtime ProJo reporter, I’m surprised he didn’t stay on topic.       


Larry Lewis

St. Petersburg, FL 

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