To the Editor:

I’ve lived in Newport for over 13 years.  I love the dense, urban feel of the City as well as the access to the quiet and beautiful parks and the ocean.  Through the work I do with the North End community, I’m well aware of the many potential changes coming to Newport and I’m grateful for the representation of Newport City Councilor and Vice Chair Susan Taylor.

Susan Taylor strongly supports and advocates for smart growth in Newport, a concept that would help create a more racially equitable, economically diverse, and environmentally resilient place to live and work.  Two ways Councilor Taylor did this over the past year is by working with the public to spearhead a Green and Complete Streets Ordinance and a Transportation Master Plan for the City of Newport.  Both are well underway to becoming reality, laying a foundation for a more walkable, bikable, public transit-friendly city.  Susan Taylor worked with the community to draft the resolutions to make these plans happen, making the effort to reach out to residents who have the hardest time making their voice heard and who stand to benefit the most from these transportation infrastructure improvements.  

With the Pell Bridge ramp realignment slated to make enormous changes in Newport, we need councilors who will listen to residents and act in ways that help sustain the existing diverse community.  Susan Taylor has proven to be such a councilor.  I urge you to vote for Susan Taylor this election.

Rex LeBeau, Newport