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To the residents of Middletown, I am asking you to support my former Town Council colleague Middletown Town Council President, Robert J. Sylvia. Bob is seeking the opportunity to serve you, for another term on the Middletown Town Council.

His experience in Private Business and law enforcement, twelve Years as a member of the Town Council, are proof that he served the town of Middletown well, and has fought for its citizens best interests.

As a friend, for more than 12 years and as a former colleague for six-years, I have the personal insight to assure you that Bob can be counted on to serve you proudly.

On these past twelve years, Bob has always worked to help make Middletown such a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family.

While we did not always agree on issues, we respectfully disagreed, and know we both had what we felt were the towns best interests in mind.

In addition, he has helped to engineer four consecutive years with no tax increases. They are the by-product of due diligence, strategic planning, strong honest leadership and collaboration with his colleagues.

We both fought through the Great Recession in 2008 and came out the other side with a balanced budget, increased revenues, and a reformed employee pension to help keep us fiscally sound for future generations. Bob was a strong partner in this effort.

He is not afraid of making decisions that are in the best interest of every resident today and in the future, despite the fact that these decisions may initially be politically unpopular.

Please vote for Robert J. Sylvia for a position on the Middletown Town Council on Tuesday, November 3 rd .

Chris Semonelli

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