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Vote for Mayor Jamie Bova, a proven asset to our city today, and with our votes, into the future.  Jamie was the top vote-getter in last month’s at-large primary and deservedly so. During my tenure on Newport’s Energy and Environment Commission, I observed and interacted with Jamie and saw a tenacious, forward-thinking person who deserves our trust.

Jamie believes in greater government transparency and public inclusion opportunities for people living and working in Newport. She listens, is respectful, and works to achieve consensus. She has a track record of strong professional and volunteer leadership and mentoring which she uses every day. 

Some key elements of Mayor Bova’s platform are strengthening the quality of local education for all students, addressing critical housing issues such as alleviating the tax burden and targeting understanding and action on short-term rental complexities. She is also laser-focused on planning for climate change to protect Newport’s unique, breathtaking natural beauty which draws people worldwide. Another goal is expanding the Planning and Economic Development Department at City Hall to provide more resources to imagine Newport’s best future.

A recent example of this is the joint effort between the Newport City Council and local  restaurant owners to fast-track outdoor permits for providing outdoor food service to meet Covid-19 safety needs. As we know, Newporters will have many challenges to make a strong come-back from the devastation of Covid 19 personal and economic losses. Our world-class culture including music festivals, sporting events, and historic mansions and sites will need careful nurturing and guidance by our leaders and citizens to achieve and exceed its former brilliance.

Vote for Jamie Bova for her continued leadership during our Covid-19 come-back and beyond.

Go to http:www.jamie.com to learn more.

Kristie Gardiner, Newport

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