Today, What’s Up Newp is launching our September supporter drive. Over the next 10 days, our goal is to see 250 of our loyal readers become What’s Up Newp supporters to help power our daily reporting on COVID-19, the 2020 Election, school reopenings, people & profiles, the social justice movement, arts & culture, and important journalism that is brewing in our newsroom. 

Over the past few years, What’s Up Newp has become Newport County and Rhode Island’s favorite, most popular, and arguably most-relied on local independent online news publisher – covering state government, local government, business openings, campaign finance, events, and much more.

In 2018, 2019, and 2020, Rhode Island Monthly and their readers named us the Best Local News Blog – Statewide in Rhode Island. We take that honor and the feedback that we receive from you daily, very seriously.

Every day, we bring you the full Newport County story from the desk of somebody who knows about and who cares deeply about this community and state, all while still reporting on local and state institutions without fear or favor. We also strive to bring you the latest from across Rhode Island (and beyond) as our resources allow and we see necessary. With the support of What’s Up Newp supporters and our loyal advertisers, the opportunities for us to expand our coverage and content truly are endless – and are all up to you.

Later this week, we’ll be announcing a brand new job opportunity available at What’s Up Newp. That position, and the important work that they will do, is made possible by What’s Up Newp supporters.

Today, I’m asking you to join us as a supporter with a contribution of any amount. While we are for-profit and contributions are not tax-deductible, we put all contributions from supporters back into the community -using the funds solely to pay our contributors to bring more of the news and journalism that you want and need.

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When you become a supporter of What’s Up Newp, we’re able to cover/preview more events, spotlight openings, and most importantly – cover issues in the community that simply would go completely uncovered if we weren’t there. There are things happening in our community every day that are worthy of headlines and coverage, we want to make sure more of those get covered.

When you invest in What’s Up Newp, you invest in your community. Since 2012, What’s Up Newp has been free to read, and we will always be, but we need your support to do what we do.

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~ Ryan Belmore
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