Mila Alexio, left, Ellen Chilabato, right, recording collected trash items on a tally sheet. Photo provided by Clean Ocean Access.

This past Saturday Clean Ocean Access hosted their second beach cleanup of September.

According to Clean Ocean Access, thirty-eight volunteers came together at  Pheasants Drive Beach in Portsmouth to remove 194 pounds of trash from the area.

“First-time volunteers and seasoned veterans alike were shocked by the amount of trash collected over the span of one and a half miles of coastline,” according to Clean Ocean Access. “Many volunteers had to refill their bags almost three times throughout the cleanup because there was so much litter”. 

Volunteer, Phyllis Seba, believes that participating in COA beach cleanups has made her more aware and proactive. She stated “I think it is two-fold. The people who are cleaning  are much more aware of their surroundings so when they go to the beach, they are more  aware of their trash and are cleaner.”

Samantha Delvin was shocked by the diversity of  material picked up, stating “It is crazy to me that there is such a wide variety of items on  the beach.”

In a press release, Clean Ocean Access says that it was exciting to see various members of the community show up and make a difference, including Girl Scout Troop 730.

Clean Ocean Access says that they even had neighborhood dog walkers join the efforts after seeing all of the cars in the parking lot and seeing COA set up for the cleanup!  

Clean Ocean Access continues to enforce RIDOH guidelines for all events to ensure the health and safety of our community. Through the Crush COVID Initiative, Clean Ocean  Access was able to provide personal protective equipment such as face masks and hand sanitizer to all volunteers. All participants stayed a safe 6-foot distance from each other while in line and performing the cleanup.  

“Thank you to all the volunteers that helped to make Saturday’s cleanup so successful and safe”, Clean Ocean Access writes. “We are looking forward to our next Clean Ocean Access beach cleanup on October  3rd at Island Park Beach and Gull Cove in Portsmouth! Pre-registration is required to participate, please visit our website to sign up”!