There is a lot of chatter about national politics, but nothing impacts your quality of life more than local policies. Tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept. 8, Newport City Council will have a primary election to decide which candidates will be on the November ballot. 

Why vote? Do it for your children. Do it for your neighborhood. Do it for our future. That is why I am running, and the reason you should vote. 

If you feel Newport is losing a sense of community, you are not alone. Newport is ready for change, and I can help move us forward.  Newport is ready to take care of our children and our families. Voters are ready to support our schools and recreation. We are ready to prioritize year-round residents. We are ready to support locally-owned businesses and work together to diversify the economy. 

I am ready to do the work, but I need your help to get me on November’s ballot. 

My name is Olga Enger, and I ask for your vote on Tuesday, Sept. 8.

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Olga Enger

Candidate for Newport City Council At-Large

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