job opportunities in Newport, Rhode Island

The Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce shared the following job opportunity on Friday;

The Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce and the East Bay Community Action Program are committed to building a workforce ready for the jobs of tomorrow by strengthening the regions college and career readiness system. There are many roles to fill so flexible approaches to workforce preparation is necessary. It is the goal of this partnership to prepare young people with the knowledge, skills, and experiences for college, career readiness, and civic preparation. This partnership will provide structured work-based learning and career development resources for young adults that supports academic and employability skill attainment.

To advance this agenda, this partnership has secured funds through the Governor’s Workforce Board to hire a new youth focused, education and career development specific position at the Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce. This “Youth Career Specialist” position will be an EBCAP Youth Center employee housed at the Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce charged with streamlining employer outreach and workforce preparation efforts across community partners and Chamber membership.

“We are pleased to partner with the Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce to provide essential career development opportunities for young people. This is in keeping with our mission of providing high quality, comprehensive, and accessible health and human services to assist people to achieve their fullest potential,” said Dennis Roy, EBCAP’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

Executive Director, Erin Donovan-Boyle added, “Working together with the EBCAP will further align identified workforce development needs between our regional employers and our younger residents, helping to create the skilled talent pipeline that is needed to support our local economy’s growth and resilience.”