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This year we have 12 candidates running for Newport City Council At-Large. That tells me residents are concerned about Newport’s future and want change. As I’ve walked our neighborhoods chatting with residents over the past couple of months, I’ve learned we share a common concern — Newport is losing a sense of community. 

We don’t know our neighbors. Our streets are full of part-time residents and short-term rentals. We don’t see children riding bikes and playing outside. Families move away when their children enter kindergarten for promises of better schools. Newport is facing a vulnerable, uncertain future. 

This problem is not new, but it is escalating. It is easy to speak about the issues, but it is time we become solution-focused as a city. Newport deserves city councilors who will roll up their sleeves and do the work. 

Here are 3 solutions I promise to act on if elected to Newport City Council: 

  1. If elected, I will personally help raise money to build a new skatepark. Most similar-sized cities have recreational amenities for families. However, Newport does not  have a community pool, public ice rink, or other places for families and youth to congregate. This, along with sports, is what strengthens our sense of community. A state-of-the-art skatepark is expected to cost around $150,000. I will help fundraise the money to make this a reality for our community!
  2. Clean streets and parks is a priority that has been overlooked by the city in recent years. Too often playgrounds are littered with trash and receptacles are smelly and overflowing. If elected, I will host regular community clean-ups at our parks and playgrounds, so we can come together to make a positive impact and get to know each other!
  3. I will work with existing city departments and community partners such as the YMCA to grow programs for families. Most cities our size offer robust programming including activities such as sports, dance and arts.

Please vote for Olga Enger in the Sept. 8 primaries so I can get to work!

Olga Enger
Candidate for Newport City Council At-Large

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