opinion Newport Rhode Island

For the Editor:

Keeping Newport viable for residents and business has always been a challenge.  It requires a vision through the history of the neighborhoods and the downtown areas, as well as a deep understanding of inter-related  issues.  These issues often contribute to a rush of decisions that crush the lifestyle of those who chose not only to live in Newport but to put down roots and to engage in the community – genuine residents.  In the past I have asked the Council to define a vision statement for Newport.  Are we city that caters to tourism or are we a residential community which has tourism as a feature?  Few have taken a stand to remind voters that an administration of any government exists first and foremost for the residents!

Kate Leonard has fought hard over the years to ensure the best quality of residential lifestyle and a proper balance of business.  Her experience and understanding of the nuances required to navigate the politics of this busy city is a key asset for our Ward. I still call it the Fifth Ward because that spirit is alive and well, just like the residents who know what Kate has done for us and will continue to do when re-elected to the Council.  It is time to come out loud and strong for Kate!

Vote for Kate Leonard on November 3rd.

Keep Kate and Keep the Neighborhoods strong!

Chuck Bolduc
Dixon Street