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To the Editor,

I am writing this letter to express my support for Mayor Jamie Bova.  I met her during her campaign in 2016 at King Park.  In 2016 no one could see then the challenges she would face as Mayor in 2020. She has faced several major problems and shown great leadership.  As a second-generation Engineer at NUWC, she understands the need to improve our educational system to get our children on the right track for better jobs in Newport. Jamie’s time at NUWC has given her the experience needed for teamwork which she brings to the council. No one does it alone and she shows this with the lively discussions with other council members during city council meetings. All voices are heard and a consensus is reached. Not all decisions are popular but it’s not one voice. With the future of the north end being decided I feel Jamie is needed to make a good decision on how we move forward. We need young and talented people on the council to ensure the bright future of Newport. We need Council members that can work together for the right outcome. Jamie Bova has been an outstanding public servant for the people of Newport.  I urge all voters in Newport to vote for a future that includes us all by voting Jamie Bova for City Councilor At-Large.


Paul G. Saunders