Representative Dennis Canario today announced on social media that he will not seek re-election in District 71 (Little Compton, Portsmouth, Tiverton).

Canario, a Portsmouth resident, has served the residents of Portsmouth, Little Compton and Tiverton in District 71 since first being elected in November 2012.

While the Declaration of Candidacy for those seeking to run for local and statewide seats is June 22 – 24, there are already two candidates who have announced their candidacy for District 71 – Michelle McGaw and John Edwards V.

Announcement from Representative Dennis Canario

Serving the residents of District 71 has been one of the greatest experiences in my life. After I retired from my law enforcement career, running for elected office was another way I could continue to help my community after my retirement. I have met some extraordinary people over the eight years I have served in the House of Representatives and together we have accomplished great change for the people of this state.

We have taken away guns from people who do not deserve to have them and we have protected the vulnerable and those with developmental disabilities. We have eliminated the regressive car tax and we have protected our cherished and valuable natural resources. Rhode Island will be a better place in the future due to the hard work and determination we have accomplished together.

As much as I love serving the residents of District 71, and it truly pains me to say this, I will not be seeking reelection to the House of Representatives due to personal reasons. With that being said, I also must speak my mind on the current state of our local politics.

When I first became involved with public service, I marveled at the diversity of ideas that were consistently put forth through the legislative process. I have watched people come together over a common issue when I thought there was no way in Hell that these individuals would ever be able to find the common ground that links us and every Rhode Islander together. Yet, today, I fear that we have become far too politically divided to effect the true and just change that all of Rhode Island deserves in their daily lives.

There are far too many people who would rather resort to name-calling and purity tests rather than effectively representing our state’s diverse population and their needs. Often, these are people of privilege who although have altruistic motives, are blinded by their own well-standing in life to truly realize the pain and suffering that so many in our state suffer on a daily basis.

I can only hope that the numerous and prevalent divisions that divide us are conquered through open minds, collaboration and teamwork. I wish everyone in District 71 and the rest of the state the best, and I will continue to be involved in the betterment of our community, but sadly, I can no longer do the job that I have loved, cherished, and have been honored to hold over the past eight years.

God bless, and as always, if you need help, call me and together we can make Rhode Island the best place to live in the entire world.

Dennis M. Canario
RI Representative – District 71
Portsmouth, Little Compton, Tiverton

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