Over the last week or so, many of us would regularly be patronizing bars, salons, restaurants, and other businesses that have been ordered closed. What’s Up Newp has been asked several times this week by service industry staff, neighbors, regular customers, and people who give a damn to set something up so that way they can help support our local service industry staff.

In following with other campaigns all across the country, What’s Up Newp is rolling out a Virtual Tip Jar today.

This is where you can consider sending a “tip” to your favorite bartender, server, stylist, barber or other service worker. Use the google sheet linked below to find their Venmo/Paypal info. 

Note – this money goes directly to the person your’e sending a tip. The money does not pass through What’s Up Newp, and we do not make or take anything from this.

If you don’t see your favorite service industry folks listed, encourage them to come and fill out the form (see below). Please circulate widely.

The information on this list is self-reported by members of the community and this information is provided “as is”. We do not monitor or verify accuracy of the information on this list, and make no representations or warranties regarding this list. Individuals who wish to send a tip are encouraged to independently verify the legitimacy of the recipient of the tip. Include “Tip Jar” in your tip description.

If you don’t know or recognize anyone on the list, we encourage you to do a random act of kindness and choose someone at random.

Click here to view the current listings and Send A Tip

This list will continue to be updated. If any business, organization, or philanthropist would like to get involved in this effort, we’d love to coordinate something with you to support our dear service industry friends.

Get On The List

The State of Rhode Island has ordered all bars, restaurants, and other non-essential businesses to pretty much shutter. Many of our friends and neighbors depend on tips to make ends meet. This virtual tip jar is for local service industry staff – employees at bars, restaurants, salons, etc – to post their Venmo or Paypal information so that customers, neighbors, and community members can continue to support them. This money will go directly to you.

Note – What’s Up Newp will update the list as often as possible throughout the day.

Service Industry Workers – Click here to Get On The List

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