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Newport City Manager Joe Nicholson on Tuesday signed an Executive Order that will allow all existing victualing licenses offering service at tables or at counters to offer outdoor service.

During her COVID-19 press briefing on Monday, Governor Raimondo announced that restaurants will be allowed to reopen for on-premise outdoor dining beginning Monday, May 18.

According to Newport’s Executive Order, outdoor dining for restaurants will subject to the following conditions;

1. All establishments presently licensed for outdoor service may provide outdoor service in municipality permitted areas and those establishments with sidewalk café licenses may provide service in presently licensed areas, however, subject further to the restrictions as forth herein. 

2. Establishments may present to the City for approval alternative plans to provide outdoor service to patrons in other exterior areas if they are authorized by the owner of the property to do so. 

3. All outdoor service must comply with all directives of the Governor’s executive order authorizing the same, rules and regulations of the Department of Business Regulations and all City of Newport directives concerning such service. 

4. All plans, including already licensed areas, for outside service must be approved by the City Manager or his designee. 

5. The service area must be set back from adjoining properties so as to not cause a nuisance to surrounding properties. 

6. All outside service shall stop at 10 p.m.. 

7. All establishments shall comply with all executive orders or rules and regulations covering such service that may be issued from time to time by the Governor’s office, state agencies or municipal government. 

8. Establishments with an alcoholic beverage license may serve alcohol with their food service. 

9. This order may be modified, changed or revoked at any time. All accommodations set forth herein are of a temporary nature only and subject to review and change by the City Manager or his designee 

This Executive Order states that this shall take effect May 18, 2020 and shall remain in full force and effect until revoked. 

Those looking to contact the City Manager can do so by calling (401)845-5430 or by email

Full Executive Order