Doug Key, Founder of Rogue Island Comedy Festival

Doug Key, founder of Rogue Island Comedy Festival, is currently quarantined in his apartment in the Bronx and recovering from an illness that may be COVID-19. In addition to being a touring comedian, Key, who grew up in Portsmouth, works in a nursing home in New York. He began feeling symptoms associated with COVID-19 several days ago – fever, body aches, loss of taste and smell – and immediately isolated himself in his apartment.

Despite his attempt, Key wasn’t able to get tested to confirm if he had the illness, but reported that he’s feeling much better. During quarantine, he’s been collaborating with other comedians on some entertaining Instagram videos and keeping a good sense of humor about the ordeal.

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Wait.. the Foxy Lady closed again?!?! Don’t even joke around like that, Eddie… . . #covidiot #rhodeisland #providence #igersnewengland #warwick #cranston #igersrhodeisland

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We checked in on Doug via phone Wednesday night to chat about what it was like trying to get tested in NYC, what it’s like working in healthcare during this crisis, and how he’s staying occupied during isolation. Take a listen.

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