One of the most popular type of questions What’s Up Newp was asked last week were questions where the answer will hopefully give some sense of positive news or hope for our readers.

What’s Up Newp empathizes with our readers and recognizes that our local coverage and national coverage of how many new cases, how many fatalities, and other grim news can be tough to constantly consume daily.

For example, on Saturday a reader wrote in and asked us about how many people have recovered from COVID-19 in Rhode Island. ” Recovery information can instill hope in a very scared community/state. Of course the infection rate and hospitalization info is critical to share, but we need something Ryan!! Something to show us that people are coming out of this alive”.

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On Saturday afternoon during the Governor’s press briefing, What’s Up Newp asked Governor Raimondo and Director of Health Nicole Alexander-Scott, “Many of our readers are looking for a sign of hope. What statistics or information should Rhode Islanders be looking at for hope? To know we are all going to get thru this. Is there any good data (perhaps number recovered) that you and RIDOH can share daily”?

In short, the Governor says it is very hopeful we can now test 1,000 a day. Two weeks ago it was not clear we could do that. Also, it is hopeful that hundreds of retired doctors and nurses volunteering. And that young recover.

Watch Governor Raimondo and Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott’s response from 41:00 – 45:00 in the video below.

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