coronavirus in Rhode Island

On Wednesday, March 26th, the Navy identified 34 additional Sailors and Navy civilians who tested positive for Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

According to the Navy’s latest report on COVID-19, ” In Newport, Rhode Island, one Sailor tested positive”.

Naval Station Newport nor the Naval War College have not published anything on their websites regarding the positive test. What’s Up Newp has reached out to each for comment and is working on collecting more information.

According to the latest data (March 26th) from the Rhode Island Department of Health there are 165 positive cases of COVID-19 in Rhode Island right now, with five of those patients being located in Newport, six in Middletown, fewer than five in Portsmouth, and fewer than five in Jamestown.

Overall and with all COVID-19 cases they have identified, the Navy says “people in close contact with those who tested positive were quarantined and are being monitored. Military health professionals are continuing to determine if others were possibly exposed, and will take additional precautionary measures as necessary”.

On Monday, Naval Station Newport provided the following updates to facilities, services, and operations;

Additional Navy Cases

The Navy reports two Sailors assigned to a San Diego-based ship and one Sailor assigned to a Pearl Harbor-based ship tested positive. One Navy civilian in Port Hueneme, California tested positive. In Memphis, Tennessee, four Sailors tested positive. Millington, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia each had one Sailor test positive. New Orleans, Louisiana had one Navy civilian test positive. In Everett, Washington, one Navy civilian tested positive. In Norfolk, Virginia, one Navy civilian tested positive. In Yokosuka, Japan, one Sailor tested positive. Gaeta, Italy and Rota, Spain each had one Sailor test positive. Additionally, 17 Sailors assigned to a ship underway in the Pacific have also tested positive for COVID-19.

“The Navy is committed to taking every measure possible to protect the health of the force. The Navy remains in close coordination with state and federal public health authorities to ensure the well-being of our personnel and of local communities,” a statement from the Navy Office Of Information States.

On March 23rd, the Secretary of Defense issued a Restriction of Movement guidance. This general DoD term refers to the limitation of personal liberty for the purpose of ensuring health, safety, and welfare. Restriction of Movement is inclusive of quarantine and isolation.

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