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Newport residents interested in adding a tree to their yard may now submit applications for discounted trees to be delivered and planted by the City of Newport. The Newport Tree Conservancy is subsidizing the cost of each tree and for $85, residents may choose from a selection of eleven shade and flowering species so long as they commit to the ongoing care of the tree. Trees may be planted on the public roadside or on private property within 20 feet of a public right-of-way. For an additional $20, residents can purchase a 20-gallon drip irrigation bag that releases water continually for up to 16 hours. The drip bag conserves water, improves tree health and saves time watering.

Applications can be found online at with paper copies also available at the Newport Public Services office at 280 Spring Street. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and interested residents should submit their applications as soon as possible.

These bare-root trees are shipped dormant from their nurseries allowing them to be transported without soil and must be planted in spring before they break dormancy. Bare-root trees tend to take off more quickly and vigorously than trees grown in containers or balled in burlap because they contain more root mass and require less transition time. This year’s offerings include maple, osage orange, London plane tree, cherry, oak, linden and elm species.

The Newport Tree Conservancy and the City of Newport have worked collaboratively to offer discounted or free trees to residents since 2012. In addition to the spring Bare-Root Program, the Newport Tree Conservancy will again be offering its Free Specimen Tree Program, but now in the fall.

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