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Newport City Hall.

The City Of Newport’s Historic District Commission will host a meeting on Tuesday, February 18th at 6:30 pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall, here’s what’s on the agenda;

Current Agenda Items
Meeting Agenda, Tuesday, February 18, 2020, 

6:30 p.m. (Pre-meeting at 6:15 p.m.) Second Floor, Council Chambers, City Hall, 43 Broadway 




  • January 21, 2020




Application of Mr. Tim and Mrs. Maureen West, 45 Everett Street, Plat 22, Lot 17, for permission to replace slate roof with asphalt roof.

Application of Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Jill Babcock, 46 Elm Street, Plat 16, Lot 35 for permission to install 13 solar panels on top of east and west side dormers on existing rubber membrane roof. Application continued to March 17, 2020 Historic District Commission meeting at the request of the applicant.

Application of Ms. Tara Griffin, 459 Bellevue Avenue, Plat 36, Lot 27, for conceptual approval to construct new porte cochere in place of previously existing porte cochere at east side main entrance. Stone veneer to use stones from previous porte cochere. Application withdrawn by applicant.


Application of Mr. Stephen Brady, 10 Maitland Court, Plat 9, Lot 25, for permission to construct one car garage.

Application of Ms. Patricia Ludwig, 65 Third Street, Plat 65, Lot 34, for permission to modify previously approved application.

Application of Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Staci Bergmann, 78 Ayrault Street, Plat 22, Lot 121, for permission to replace roof shingles, remove and replace concrete front entry steps and landing, remove and replace concrete side entry steps and landing, replace sliding door and window at rear

Application of Mr. Scott and Mrs. Mary Robins, 3 Greenough Place, Plat 22, Lot 80, for permission to Add new second floor north porch to improve over sized column proportions, remove small portico and 2nd story deck. Add wood shutters on all windows. Add new center Marvin door. Add new skylight on the flat roof of existing truncated pyramid. Add new segmented apse to first floor south elevation. Install new Marvin windows and 1 Marvin French door, standing seam aluminum metal roof on semi circular roof, wood lattice at new foundation. Windows to be removed as shown and openings to be returned to symmetrical locations. Add new stair to existing first floor door on West elevation.

Application of Mr. Paul Chapdelaine, 18 John Street, Plat 27, Lot 66, for permission to add small addition to first floor at west elevation and add dormer to existing garage. Application continued to March 17, 2020 Historic District Commission meeting at the request of the applicant.

Application of Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Deborah McDonald, 40 Second Street, Plat 12, Lot 275, for permission to elevate house 16”, replace roof, replace windows and doors, add second floor small addition over existing first floor space and replace foundation.

Application of Mr. Thomas Cahill and Ms. Maura Lindsay, 50 Ayrault Street, Plat 22, Lot 5, for permission to replace rear windows with smaller windows. Replace 1970s casement windows with two double hung windows. Replace picture window with side casement windows with French door and sidelights.

Application of Mr. Donald Tofias, 79 Dixon Street, Plat 35, Lot 282 for permission to construct new 6’x12’ shed with materials to match existing dwelling. Re-use existing structure to create new enclosed finished accessory structure.

Application of Mrs. Victoria Morro, 95 Second Street, Plat 9, Lot 109, for permission to remove existing chimney and replace with new brick veneer chimney to match original in same location. Alter window size of three of three windows at rear. Replace existing rear porch door with new sliding door.

Application of Mr. Phillip Gardener Howe III and Mrs. Erin Healy Howe, 24 Red Cross Avenue, Plat 26, Lot 74, for permission to add master suite above garage, extend front porch, add rear deck.

Application of Ms. Alexis DeJoria, 51 Cliff Avenue, Plat 34, Lot 235, for permission to remove and demolish deteriorating flagstone pavers from the East terrace. Terrace footprint to be expanded and stair to be added. New terrace to be built out of limestone pavers with monolithic limestone steps. A new limestone balustrade will be added with floret detail which matches balustrade at front of residence.

Application of Mr. Michael Terra, 71 Third Street, Plat 12, Lot 229, for permission to replace roof structure and replace in kind.