Since National Pizza Day is coming up on February 9th, we’re celebrating Newport’s locally-owned pizza spots and giving you the chance to win a $20 gift certificate toward your favorite Newport pizza.

Whether you like traditional margherita, Neopolitan-style, or all the toppings, you’ll find many styles of America’s favorite fast food at Newport’s pizzerias and restaurants known for the slices. While some prefer to sample the diversity of slices around town, many residents keep going back to their tried-and-true Newport pizza spot with a devotion that borders on … piety.

The question of who makes the best pizza in Newport is a debate hotter than a wood-fired oven. Share your opinion and email address in the survey below and you’ll be entered to win $20 toward your favorite place. We’ll publish the poll results and contact the winner on Feb. 9th, National Pizza Day!

Note – The (pizza) pie chart that you can see after you vote may not accurately reflect who the leader or winner is in this poll. After polling closes, What’s Up Newp will go through and delete entries/votes that come from duplicate and fake email addresses.