Morgan Everson, Co-Founder, The Haven Collection of Clubs; Britt Riley, Co-Founder, The Haven Collection of Clubs; Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo; and Coggeshall Club member Deanna Conley, a Portsmouth resident and founder of Prosper Special Education Advocacy Services.

Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo visited the recently-opened Coggeshall Club in Middletown on Tuesday. 

Governor Raimondo met with some of the founding members and toured the customized lifestyle club, which is the first of its kind, offering flexible fully-licensed Montessori-style childcare, inspiring workspaces, and fitness all under one roof.

“As more people begin to work remotely, new opportunities are arising for Rhode Islanders to innovate, and that’s exactly what the team at the Coggeshall Club has done,” said Governor Raimondo.  “As the first co-working space, not only in Rhode Island but in the country, to offer fully licensed daycare—as well as a fitness center—the Coggeshall Club is meeting an important need for working parents. I look forward to seeing what great new ideas and partnerships grow out of this community.”

The Coggeshall Club is the first licensed daycare in the United States to offer unlimited co-working and fitness to all member families.  Co-founded by Britt Riley, Morgan Everson, and Kieran Harvey, the Club serves the entire family, eliminating the tedious daycare-office-workout-daycare commute, and allowing parents to be present in their child’s day, during their work day.  It also offers special events for families and “Date Nights”, when parents and caregivers can drop-off their children in a safe, familiar place as they head out for a date night.

“It was such an honor to have Governor Raimondo here today,” said Britt Riley, Founder, of the Coggeshall Club, a member of The Haven Collection of clubs.  “As the CEO of our state, and a working mom, we are proud to have her support as we begin to grow our services throughout the region in the coming year.”

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 Morgan Everson, Co-Founder, The Haven Collection of Clubs; Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo;and Britt Riley, Co-Founder,The Haven Collection of Clubs.

About the Coggeshall Club

The Coggeshall Club, a family-focused lifestyle club, is disrupting the way we think about work-life balance by providing families with cost-effective licensed childcare, inspiring workspaces and fitness under one roof.  With a mission to care for the whole family, the Coggeshall Club is the solution to a problem so many families face: how to balance career, childcare, and self-care affordably.  For more information, visit

The Coggeshall Club is a member of The Haven Collection of Clubs, which is currently working to expand across the region in the coming year.  Its goal is to reach 100,000 families in the next five years and help them succeed in their first five years

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