BBQ experts Go Shindig, have mapped out the ultimate BBQ road trip across the US, stopping off at all of the top-rated grill houses in every state, and it features Middletown’s Becky’s BBQ.

Image: Becky’s BBQ, Newport County, Rhode Island

According to their data Becky’s BBQ is the 6th best BBQ restaurant in the whole of the US, just missing out on a top 5 spot. 

“An average meal at the joint will set you back $10.03 and it seems customers love it too with Tripadvisor data revealing 90% of all reviews are positive,” says Go Shindig.

The top 20 BBQ restaurants in the US! 

Table . Shows the top 20 BBQ restaurants in the USA!

The Ultimate BBQ Road Trip

The route can be completed in just 10 days and a meal at each place can be covered using just $700, according to Go Shindig.

You can find the full map here with all the details of each stop-off point: 

The route in summary:

  • Distance: those who take the ultimate BBQ crawl will cover a total distance of 15454.39 miles (every state in America, apart from Hawaii!)
  • Cost: the road trip would cost $2017.73 in total (broken down by food at $697.48 and gas at $1320.25)
  • Reviews: The BEST rated BBQ restaurant in the US is in Montana – Cherries, BBQ Pit,  Becky’s BBQ in Rhode Island comes in 6th. 
  • Time: And to do it in the quickest time possible, Alaska is the best place to start, working your way south towards Arizona, before heading up the east coast right up to Maine, and then looping back north-west to the final pit stop in Wyoming.

The analysis used TripAdvisor reviews, the average price of an appetizer, main meal and drink to determine which was the top establishment in each state. 


The Ultimate BBQ Roadtrip: In order to create the roadmap they ranked the top 5 BBQ restaurants from each state to find the top ranking based on TripAdvisor reviews and the average price of a meal including appetizers and a drink.   

They then used a route planner,, to determine the most efficient driving route in order to visit all of the top restaurants in each state.

The cost of travel was calculated based on the average price per gallon according to

Travel cost for 15454.39 miles at 35 mpg with a fuel cost of $2.99 per US gallon total $1320.25