Newport PD: Street Fair will close Broadway to all motor vehicle traffic for most of the day on Saturday

The Newport Police Department has issued the following press release regarding traffic impact for Broadway on Saturday, October 12th.

On Saturday, October 12, 2019. The Annual Broadway Street Fair will take place. Broadway will be closed to all motor vehicle traffic between Gould Street and Farewell Street, and all of Washington Square, beginning at 8:00 am. and will reopen at approx. 7:00 pm. Traffic will be rerouted onto Dr. Marcus Wheatland Blvd between Gould and Marlborough Streets. Traffic heading northbound on Spring Street will be rerouted onto Hozier Street, onto Courthouse Street, across Broadway onto Farewell Street. Traffic heading to the south end of town is encouraged to use RI Ave to Kay Street, to Bellevue Ave. There will be “No Parking” on Broadway between Gould and Farewell and all of Washington Square beginning at 0700 hrs. as well as the entire west side of Dr. Marcus Wheatland Blvd and both sides of Equality Park West. There will also be “No Parking” on RI Ave from Broadway to Kay Street and on Kay Street from RI Ave to Bellevue to facilitate the flow of traffic. Newport Police Officers will be posted to assist with the flow of traffic.

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