What does the future hold for Aquidneck Island? Aquidneck Island Land Trust shares details of build-out analysis

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Aquidneck Land Trust (ALT) hosted a public program on Wednesday night to share details of a build-out analysis of Aquidneck Island by Sasaki Associates.

The analysis presented two possible scenarios for the island: (1) What will be the impact to Aquidneck Island if current development and sprawl trends continue status quo? (2) What will be the impact to Aquidneck Island if a conservation and smart-growth focused approach is taken?

Attendees heard a short presentation on the analysis, followed by breakout groups for feedback and discussion.

A final report of the analysis will be made publicly available later this year.

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Attached is the hand-out from ALT last night — Sasaki and associates presented two scenarios — one if current development trends continue the second if there’s a “Plan and Protect” effort.  



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