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Weddings should always reflect your personalities as a couple, so every detail counts when you’re gathering items for décor! One item that will last you a lifetime is your guest book. This gives your guests time to write a love note that you can revisit over and over again.

We caught up with our friends at Blackstone Caterers to bring you some ideas that couples can use to showcase their wedding theme and personalities, instead of a standard book of blank pieces of paper:

Map: Whether it’s where you met, feel in love or got married, guests can sign sweet notes on a piece of art to hang in your home and be able to cherish forever!

Photo by M. Studios Photography

Photo Album: Put your engagement session photos to good use and get a photo album to print to have guests sign. Then keep it on a coffee table at home to look at whenever you’d like!

Globe: If traveling or ‘old world’ is your wedding theme, a globe is a perfect guest book for displaying best wishes from your loved ones!

Polaroid Picture: Guests can snap a selfie and write a note to you!

Sporting Equipment: If you both love a sport as a couple or even just as an individual, have guests sign something meaningful to you, such as a surfboard, skis, baseballs, etc.

Typewriter: Have guests type their love note to you! 

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