RIPTA to offer express bus service between Providence, Fall River, and Newport

Chris Electric

The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) is making it easier (and faster) to commute between Newport, Fall River, and Providence.

As part of their Fall Service Changes that were announced on Monday, RIPTA will add a new express service, Route 24X, that will connect RIPTA to the Southeastern Regional Transit Authority (SRTA) at the Pettine Transportation Center in Fall River and the service now creates a tri-city link between Providence, Fall River and Newport.

According to RIPTA, Route 24X also provides a faster connection to Newport and allows commuters to avoid traffic congestion caused by a long-term construction project on the Claiborne Pell Bridge in Newport.

The new route, with approximate travel time of seventy minutes, will be offered six times per day on weekdays and will not be offered on weekends or holidays.

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The Bit Players

RIPTA will implement fall service changes effective Saturday, August 31, 2019. RIPTA makes regular service adjustments three times a year in response to seasonal changes and/or passenger use.   

More 2019 Fall Service Changes

These annual changes include trip time adjustments, extending Route 55 to Rhode Island College and new East Bay express service between Providence and Newport.

Route 3 trips have been rebranded. Route 3A passengers should board Route 4. Route 3B passengers should board Route 3. 

All Route 55 trips have been extended to Rhode Island College and will now service Providence Place Mall as well.

All Route 58 trips will now service West River Industrial Park and Stop & Shop.

The following routes will be affected by the fall service changes:

Passengers are strongly encouraged to check new schedules for how service changes may affect them.  They may also pick up the leaflet entitled Fall Service Changes Effective August 31, 2019 that is available at Kennedy Plaza; the leaflet is also viewable online.

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