Left to Right is: Brianna Bransfield, Abigail Hedglen, Allison Trapani, Capt. Ian Johnson, Joseph Frederick, Lauren Dimmitt, James Hubbard, Josephine Carwile-Ridnour, and Alyssa Barroso.

On June 1st, 2019,  Military Spouses of Newport awarded the following military spouse and dependent children with scholarship awards ranging from $500 to $2500 as part of their MSoN 2019 Scholarships Program;

Brianna Bransfield (Portsmouth), Lauren Dimmitt (Middletown), Allison Trapani ( East Greenwich), Abigail Hedglen (Wakefield), Joseph Frederick (Newport), Alyssa Barroso (Barrington), James Hubbard (Middletown), and Josephine Carwile-Ridnour (Newport) .

The reception was hosted by Captain Ian Johnson, Base Commander Naval Station Newport, and his wife Amy Johnson on the base grounds.

About the Scholarship Program 

The Military Spouses of Newport (MSoN) are proud to honor military dependents within Rhode Island for their hard work and dedication towards academics and their community.  Scholarship awards are supported solely by proceeds from The Ship’s Bell Store.  The Ship’s Bell, located in the Naval War College’s Connelly Hall, is over 35 years old.  It is operated completely by volunteers who enable the MSoN to provide yearly scholarships and charitable giving within the community.  For 2019, the committee awarded scholarships totaling $12,000! 

For more information regarding this longstanding group open to all spouses affiliated with Naval Station Newport please visit our website: http//www.milspousenewport.org. The groups next largest event is the annual August Welcome Social, held this year at the Eastons Beach Rotunda on August 22nd.


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