This story has been updated to include a statement from the City of Newport.

Newport Police Department took to Facebook on Wednesday to inform visitors who use the hiking trails at Miantonomi Memorial Park of an incident regarding the placement of string and wire type materials across several hiking trails has been discovered.

These items were promptly removed, according to Newport Police Department.

This act could present a hazard to those unsuspecting hikers and walkers using the trails in the park. Newport Police urges anyone with information on this incident or the discovery of new such hazards to contact the police department at the non-emergency numbers of 847-1306 or respond in private message to this post.

The City of Newport released the following statement on Wednesday evening;

City Seeking Information on Suspected Vandalism at Miantonomi Park

Stiff Cords Placed Across Newly Improved Park Trails

“On Wednesday, June 12, 2019, the City was alerted to the placement of several stiff cords stretched across a recently improved bike and hiking path at Miantonomi Park.

City staff responded to the scene and removed multiple cords observed to have been placed at various heights, from ankle to chest, across a trail that begins at the Bike Newport facility on Sunset Boulevard. 

The cords appear to have placed with intent to harm and police are currently investigating. Anyone with additional information on this incident or on the discovery of any new such hazards is asked to call (401) 847-1306″

Salve Regina University Seahawks skate for Mental Health Awareness

The third annual Mental Health Awareness Night organized by the Salve Regina University’s Men’s Ice Hockey Team raised more than $4,000 in support of Newport  Mental Health’s mission to destigmatize the conversation around mental health and provide mental health and substance use treatment to those who live, work, and study in Newport County.
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