All renderings provided by Fagan Design Build Studio.

As they enter the final stage of their permitting process with the Town of Portsmouth and State of R.I., Ragged Island Brewing Company has shared their vision for the future home of Ragged Island Brewing Company.

In July of 2018, Ragged Island Brewing Company confirmed with What’sUpNewp that they had entered a purchase and sales agreement to buy the Garden Shop building and 37-acre Van Hof Nursery.

Ragged Island announced the following plans on their social media channels;

“From the first moment we stepped onto the Van Hof Nursery property in early 2018 we knew we were home.

Having driven past 54 Bristol Ferry Road our entire lives we knew this iconic farmhouse with attached greenhouse set on a bustling thoroughfare would give us the visibility we need and are sorely lacking in our current location.

Walking into the immaculately maintained farmhouse/retail space and attached greenhouse we knew this would be an ideal taproom with a German inspired beer hall. We could already see our family, friends and guests enjoying a sample at communal tables with foliage all around.

When we walked onto the back porch to take in the sweeping vistas of Narragansett Bay, the 12 acres of farmland and 22 acres of protected wetlands we were in awe of the potential.

As we enter the final stage of our permitting process with the Town of Portsmouth and State of R.I. we wanted to share our vision for the future home of Ragged Island Brewing Company with you.

The images attached are the culmination of our planning efforts as we seek final zoning approval for the Special Use Permit of a Farm Brewery, which was passed by the Town Council last fall.

Our plan is to create a community gathering space where customers can enjoy our products on-site or purchase products for off-site consumption while connecting the agricultural side of our business with the actual brewing of beer. We intend to grow hops on several acres of land on the southern side of this property while utilizing existing greenhouses and other fields to grow additional crops for the use in brewing or for the nursery business we plan to continue here.

The new construction pictured will allow us to brew in a state of the art facility that will ensure a quality product and allow us to grow Ragged Island from a 3.5 barrel brewery to a 20 barrel system. This will allow us to have fresh batches of beer ready for customers in our taproom and for our wholesale distribution accounts around Rhode Island.

The building will also serve as a 3-seasonal tasting room (Spring-Fall) where our guests will be able to walk into the fields to see, feel and smell the hops that are growing.

The opportunity to preserve this incredible property and keep it from becoming another huge housing development is critical to our mission. The Van Hof family has been tremendous in this process. Their patience and assistance in allowing us to see our vision through has been inspiring. This is their homestead and they are as excited as we are to keep this place a working, modern farm. We cannot say it enough, thank you!

We look forward to the next steps and we hope you do too. Thank you to our customers and supporters for giving us the confidence to take this leap. This project will be the effort of a lifetime and we could not be more excited to take on this challenge in our hometown.

The links below will allow you to view our plan in a 360 degree panoramic so you can truly understand where the new construction will be placed on the property as well as get a sense of where some of our hop fields will be located.

We want to have the least amount of impact on our neighbors as possible while realizing our vision. That is why the new building is set into the gently sloping hill in the very center of the property. This will keep our operations as far from our abutters as possible while maintaining the natural beauty of this land.…/ragged-island-brewery-pano-1-031219-392573

Please understand that these are just renderings and all final plans will be vetted by the Town of Portsmouth Zoning Board before we finalize the purchase and sale of the property.

We are dedicated to being excellent neighbors and community members here in Portsmouth. If you have any questions or concerns about our project please feel free to email, or call our brewery or just stop in to say hello at our current location at 200 High Point Ave unit B6.


All renderings provided by Fagan Design Build Studio.”

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