We all love to use a hashtag when we can, but we never know if we are the first, second or thousandth person to tag it. Play Picks has looked into different categories to find the most hashtagged places in America.

Newport Folk Festival has the honor of being the only spot in Rhode Island to crack a new list of the most hash-tagged locations in the U.S. from the entertainment company.

According to the website, Newport Folk Festival is the 20th most hash-tagged festival in the United States, with 27,398 posts shared. Coachella tops the festival list with 4,061,540 posts shared.

The most hashtagged/visited location in the U.S.? That would be Disneyland Anaheim with more than 19.7 million posts shared.

According to Play Picks, “all locations were selected based on the full list of locations of the type across the USA on Wikipedia. For all locations, three hashtag combinations were searched on Instagram – #[attraction name], #[attraction name][location], #[location][attraction name]. The total number of images shared with these hashtags were then collated for each location, any with no images were removed from the data”.

The rest of the list, which can be filtered by most hash-tagged locations, art museums, arenas, amusement parks, aquariums, beaches, casinos, festivals, and national parks, can be viewed here.

The 2019 Newport Folk Festival will take place July 26-28 at Fort Adams State Park.