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Newport, RI – The Newport Public Education Foundation, Inc. has announced that they have awarded over $20,000 in teacher and community enrichment grants to Newport Public School teachers and local organizations.

Grant amounts ranged from $250 – $3,800 and spanned all grade levels and curriculum areas. Twenty-eight awards were made, 8 to the elementary school, 11 to the middle school and 8 to the high school and one to a community organization, whose art program involves students from the elementary, middle and high schools.

Claiborne Pell Elementary School Grant Awards

STEM Investigations                                                       $750                 Dale Blaess & Stephanie DeAscentis

Pell Greenhouse                                                             $750                 Aaron Sherman

Diving Deeper into Social Emotional Learning          $500                 Cheryl DeMenzes

The Gingerbread Man’s Annual Visit to Pell              $250                 Kristine DeComo

Student Access to Just Right Texts                              $750                 Kimberly Hassan

After School Guitar Club Experiential Learning        $420                 Mark McKenna

Transportation to First Works Performance             $210                  Mark McKenna

Transportation to School Of Rock Musical                $210                  Mark McKenna

                Total for Pell Elementary                              $3,840

Frank E. Thompson Middle School Grant Awards

Flexible Seating                                                           $500                      Ryan Collins

Grade 5 STEAM Ahead to Seaman’s…                     $750                      Melissa Turner

Grade 6 STEAM Ahead to Seaman’s…                     $750                      David Koutsogiane

Soundtrap Recording for Education                        $500                      Brianna DeWitt

Student Council Scholarships                                   $750                      Lindsey Cruff

Building Bricks Design Project                                  $250                      Christine Jones

Current Events with Scholastic News                      $300                      Tara Mello

PBIS Supports                                                              $750                      Beth Raffa

Exploring Ecosystems                                                 $1,500                  Taylor Rock

Ecosystems with Project Chick                                 $1,620                   Elizabeth Gibbs

Power Hour – Lego Math                                          $260                      Kaitlin Wilson

                Total for Thompson Middle School         $7,930

William S. Rogers High School Grant Awards     

Microscope Replacement                                          $3,800                  David Goodburn

Geometry Concepts with Dash                                 $750                     Michael Carlino

Bridge Building Competition                                     $500                     Katherine Ringdahl

The Colonial Experience                                            $750                     Angela Johnson

Digital Badges – Interdisciplinary Learning            $500                     Charlotte North

Making Connections with Ecosystems                    $500                     Elizabeth Stump

Digital Badges – Interdisciplinary Learning            $500                     Marybeth Viera

Greeting Cards                                                            $750                     David Connell

                Total for Rogers High School                     $8,050

Community Grants

Art Education at Rough Point                                  $2,500                   Newport Restoration Foundation

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