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There is a difference between a politician and a public servant.  A politician talks, and a public servant makes things happen. Senator Dawn Euer is a true public servant.  I’ve always been a supporter of Dawn. I recently reviewed her accomplishments in her first term, and was astounded.

Dawn introduced 27 bills as the lead sponsor, 19 of which passed the Senate.  On another 104 bills, she was a top-5 co-sponsor. These figures are very high, especially for a “freshman” Senator.   This is exactly what we want in a representative; someone with the skill and power to turn our local input into state law.

With many endorsements, opinions, attack ads during election season, it’s difficult to filter out all of the “noise” and focus on the issues.  I could add my two cents to the conversation by praising Dawn’s intellect and drive. Instead, I’ll just let her record do the talking. Rather than list the 131 bills, I’ll share a few successes, many of which have been signed by the Governor and made into law:

  • Committed to Jobs/ Economy:
    • Lead sponsor requiring DOT to identify impact of Rhode Work’s projects and Pell Bridge ramp realignment on local businesses. (S2086)
  • Committed to Government Accountability and Transparency:  
    • Lead sponsor of bill to encourage whistleblowers to come forward stopping fraudulent claims in state contracting. (S2570)
  • Committed to Seniors:
    • Co-sponsored bill to create an independent registry of qualified home health aides, to improve quality of care, reduce costs and let seniors stay home longer.
  • Committed to Newport and Jamestown
    • Co-sponsored bill creating a municipal infrastructure grant program. (S2239)
  • Committed to Veterans
    • Co-sponsored bill to support military families with Troops to Teachers program, allowing military spouses to more easily transfer their teaching credentials to RI. (S3003)
  • Committed to the Environment
    • Lead sponsor of bill to ban offshore drilling off the coast of Rhode Island. (S2116)
  • Committed to Common Sense Gun Laws
    • Co-Sponsored legislation authorizing Supreme Court to issue “extreme risk protection orders”, also referred to as the “Red Flag” law. (S2259)

Even though this is merely a partial list, Senator Dawn Euer’s accomplishments demonstrate that she’s committed to open government and making the state work better for its citizens. On behalf of all of us in Newport, Jamestown, and greater Rhode Island, I know we’d be well served to re-elect Senator Euer.

  • Alexander Gee