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Newport, RI – It’s the annual Amica Newport Marathon, and runners from across the country and around the globe will be in town to compete on 13.1 or 26.2 miles of Newport and Middletown’s most picturesque roadways. The event is produced by Gray Matter Marketing.

The participants are traveling from near and far — approximately 20% of the runners are from Rhode Island, and some are coming from as far as Germany, Australia, and Japan. Approximately 60% of the registered runners are female, and approximately 74% of all registered runners are running the half marathon with the additional 26% running the marathon.

Locally, here are those from Newport, Middletown, Jamestown, and Portsmouth who have registered to run the marathon and half marathon;

Newport – Marathon Participants

  1. Christopher Terry
  2. Will Burgess
  3. Doug Theobald
  4. David Sigler
  5. Lois Zawrotny
  6. John Litherland
  7. Ricky Acain
  8. Stephanie Dreyer
  9. Betsy Walker
  10. Nicole Cordiliko
  11. Francine Carrick
  12. Maruti Kolluru
  13. Joseph Lee
  14. William Wilcox
  15. Nicolette Bastien
  16. Tess Bussman
  17. Adam Nordin
  18. Chris Shanahan
  19. Jacob Hassel
  20. Christopher Bessin
  21. Mark Zeller

Newport – Half Marathon Participants

  1. Lauren Konrath
  2. Brittany Burgess
  3. Jim Nolan
  4. Caldwell Harden
  5. Melanie Walton
  6. Elena Soini
  7. Kristen Lewis
  8. Vic Boza
  9. Eddie Valen
  10. Amanda Dacyczyn
  11. Melissa Koncar
  12. Adam Webster
  13. Vivienne O’Dwyer
  14. Eleanore Mindeman
  15. Annie Tobin-Fickel
  16. Jerald Froehner
  17. Amanda Baker
  18. Brian Baker
  19. A.J. Growick
  20. Elizabeth Mendenhall
  21. Marisa Sullivan
  22. Eric Ardoin
  23. Kimberly Terry
  24. Maria Coval
  25. Martha Byrne
  26. Kara Brown
  27. Striker Brown
  28. Kelley Newsad
  29. Amanda Jones
  30. Nathanael Hevelone
  31. Benjamin Amundson
  32. Annie Schwartz
  33. Madison Van Wylen
  34. Christine Boyer
  35. Daniel Perlman
  36. Max Nuki
  37. Erin Burry
  38. Haley Moniz
  39. Christopher Catlett
  40. Tom Raulli
  41. Amanda Grammel
  42. Benjamin Hondrum
  43. Elizabeth Moniz
  44. Nick Prefontaine
  45. Joshua Keyes
  46. Conor McDermott
  47. Margaret Kane
  48. Kyla Maher
  49. Faithe Weathers
  50. Kevin Stabinsky
  51. Erin Stanko
  52. John Coaty
  53. Ciara James
  54. Nancy Speroni
  55. Brendon Scanlon
  56. Raul Hector Garza Galvan
  57. Caroline Fallon
  58. Shelley Mahood
  59. Jae Wiss
  60. Norman Ruain
  61. Kay Petrarca
  62. Richard Doyle
  63. Ricardo Acain
  64. Andrew Mason
  65. Christopher Davis
  66. Mihai Boboc
  67. Tim Horgan
  68. Bethany Sigler
  69. Joel Cohen
  70. Ryan Saeger
  71. Rachel Myaing
  72. De Zhi Huang
  73. Jessica Laudati
  74. Abby Porzio

Portsmouth – Marathon Participants

  1. Nicole Toppa
  2. Jacob Moyar
  3. Adeline Jasinski

Portsmouth – Half Marathon Participants

  1. Joe Easley
  2. Gerald Kean
  3. Umberto Isolabella Moneta
  4. Bridget Isolabella Moneta
  5. Amanda Hook
  6. Lisa Lacerda
  7. Rafael Rodriguez
  8. Townley Knudson
  9. Wade Knudson
  10. D. Jon Jelley
  11. Patricia Thow
  12. Shira Dunsiger
  13. Jaime Kielec
  14. Nancy Hughes
  15. Colleen Minihan
  16. Mackenzie Mello
  17. Warren Caldwell
  18. Rebekah Lawson
  19. Kyle Marshall
  20. Kevin Brown
  21. Paul Grimes
  22. Julie Lawson
  23. Jason DeFalco
  24. Bradley Bowen
  25. Kelsi Chappell

Middletown – Marathon Participants

  1. Christina Logan
  2. Eduardo Arrieta
  3. Rayvon Miller
  4. Michael McGinnis
  5. Javier Rinaldi
  6. Lindsay Barrow
  7. Carrie Devine
  8. Laurence Berbrick
  9. Malea Dickerson
  10. Kevin Moloney
  11. Buck Auchincloss
  12. Kelley Kirwin
  13. Michael Murray
  14. Kristin Rugg Dovbniak

Middletown – Half Marathon Participants

  1. Cricket Meehan
  2. Lisa Golden
  3. Guia Coleman
  4. Shannon Lewis
  5. Jeremy Frank
  6. Eric Clark
  7. Rachel Alexander
  8. Jeff Asch
  9. Anna Cornell
  10. Warren Williams
  11. Joseph Newman
  12. Kelly Seals
  13. Emily Tessier
  14. Ellen Luther
  15. Taylor O’Connor
  16. Andrew Boschert
  17. Jennifer Foley
  18. Kirsten Klanian
  19. Anna Tovello
  20. Stephen Trezvant
  21. Jackson Murphy
  22. Kate Murphy
  23. Rebecca Tobin Braman
  24. Walter Mey Jr.
  25. Walter “Charlie” Mey III
  26. Stacy Mello
  27. Larry Belka
  28. Joel Kehm
  29. Jason Con
  30. Meghan Healey
  31. Zachary Wasson
  32. Drew McEnroe
  33. Regan McEnroe
  34. Blair Ingraham
  35. Keith Buehler
  36. Kenneth Miller
  37. Dana Jacobs

Jamestown – Marathon Participants

  1. Shannon Leonard
  2. Riley Huntington

Jamestown – Half Marathon Participants

  1. Gabrielle Reed
  2. Richard Martin
  3. Judy Rosati
  4. Matthew Swistak
  5. Nicholas Kalkas
  6. John Warner
  7. Hunter Montgomery
  8. David Pignolet

The event supports six official charitable partners: the Aquidneck Land Trust, Clean Ocean Access, the Newport County YMCA, Boys Town New England, the Martin Luther King Jr. Center, and the Ronald McDonald House of Providence. In 2017, the event raised a total of more than $80,000, both donated directly by Gray Matter Marketing and raised by runners on an online platform.

On Sunday, both races will start at 7:30 AM sharp. The course starts at Easton’s Beach, heading up Memorial Boulevard to Thames Street, then down to King’s Park and around to Fort Adams. Runners will then complete the entire loop of Ocean Drive, bringing them to Bellevue Avenue and Ruggles before returning to the beach. Half marathoners will finish here, and the marathoners will continue past the beach towards Tuckerman Ave. and out on to Easton’s Point. They will then descend the hill at Surfer’s End and follow a loop out and back on Sachuest Point and Hanging Rock, before turning on to Third Beach Road and finally on to Indian Avenue. Their final few miles will be an out-and-back on Indian Avenue and neighboring roads before returning via Hanging Rock Road to Sachuest Point and finally up and over the hill back to the finish at Easton’s Beach.

As far as traffic impact, the Newport and Middletown Police Departments will do their best to minimize traffic delays while also providing a safe running event. Memorial Boulevard in front of Easton’s Beach will close at 7:00 AM and traffic will be diverted. This area will be impacted until roughly 8:00 AM. Thames Street will be closed from about 7:30 AM to 8:15 AM. The remaining roads will mostly remain open with police details at intersections, so do expect some delays. Runners will remain on roads in Newport until approximately 11:00 AM and in Middletown until approximately 1:30 PM. Drivers are asked to be aware and drive safely where runners are on the road.

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