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This past Sunday afternoon I was surprised to see a fit, tanned middle-aged man at my kitchen door. It was Lou DiPalma, with a handful of pamphlets meant for my wife Jeanne, to help in his re-election campaign. To be honest, I am not one to answer the door on such occasions (Jeanne at work, football on TV), but the sight of Lou made me smile and I welcomed him to join me at my kitchen table.

Jeanne and I have known Lou and Margaret DiPalma for over 20 years as our children had attended both St. Philomena’s and Portsmouth Abbey School. Margaret DiPalma has since retired as a much beloved and respected teacher at St. Phil’s and I am an alumnus from there as well.  The time at St.Phil’s it was not an uncommon sight to see Lou, year after year, with sleeves rolled up, fully engaged in the volunteer work expected of parents at a small parochial school. I knew then as I know now as I sat looking across my kitchen table at such a proud grandfather, that this was a good man.

Lou and I talked about current events, well, I mostly talked, Lou listened.  Lou’s accomplishments are impressive (not enough space to print), not as a politician, but as a rolled up shirt-sleeved, intelligent and tenacious community leader who works for the people he represents. Vote for Senator Lou DiPalma, a good man.

Michael and Jeanne Murray


Ryan M. Belmore

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