I am writing to share my views about district 12’s Senator, Louis DiPalma. Most all can agree, that no one assesses the data and details more carefully when making decisions that affect all of us. But, what I find most remarkable is how Lou has remained humble and helpful to his constituents today, as he has since the first day he was elected.

This character trait reminds me of my former years as president of Middletown Youth Football when I first witnessed Lou’s devotion to his community as the head coach of the Midget Football team (12-15 years of age) for several memorable seasons.

After his success with the older children, Lou offered to help out with our newest addition, Middletown’s Flag Football team (5-8 years of age). Envision a successful, veteran football coach now assisting his players tying their shoes. Lou was just as patient helping his players tie their shoes as teaching the X’s & O’s of football.

That kind of dedication to public service, with the humility and skill to serve all people, regardless of the challenge, is hard to come by today. So please consider supporting and casting your Vote to re-elect Senator, Lou DiPalma for district 12 this November.


Charlie Vaillancourt