Today with the help of Cindy King, Chartwells Director of Dining Services and the staff at Chartwells the students at Pell elementary school had the opportunity to try some homemade ratatouille during all of their lunches.  The dish was made from ingredients harvested right from the Pell gardens to celebrate “local food” week.

Mr. Sherman’s class braved the drizzle on Wednesday harvesting, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, beans, and other vegetables for the dish.

“We had an amazing amount of brave tasters today, eager to try some of the food grown right here at Pell.  The gardens have been a collaboration between Pell school and Aquidneck Island Community Table and have generously been funded by NPEF, Aquidneck Island Community table, public grants, and private donations,” states a press release from Marcin G. Rembisz, Communications Coordinator/Secretary for Newport Public Schools.

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