Authentic 19th-century coaches drawn by matched and highly-trained teams of horses visit Newport every three years for a Weekend of Coaching, hosted by The Preservation Society of Newport County.   The public can enjoy free viewing of the colorful and historic coaches every day, as they drive through the streets of Newport and the grounds of the Newport Mansions, celebrating and preserving a century-old sporting tradition.

Each day from Thursday, August 16 through Sunday, August 19, the visiting whips will drive their coaches on a different route through Newport as they travel to private social events, much as their 19th-century predecessors did on a daily basis.

The links and maps below show the planned drive routes for each day.  According to The Preservation Society of Newport County, times shown are approximate, and the routes are subject to change without notice due to daily conditions and other circumstances.

Thursday, August 16 Morning Drive to Price’s Neck (with Breakers and Rosecliff drive-thru)

Friday, August 17 Morning Drive to Greenvale Vineyard

Friday, August 17 Evening Drive to Miramar (limited coach participation; 3-4 teams)

Saturday, August 18 Drive to Hammersmith (after Elms Exhibition)

On Saturday morning, August 18, there will be a free-to-the-public driving exhibition on the grounds of The Elms, beginning at approximately 10:30 a.m. This is an opportunity to get a close up, extended look at each of the teams, and to hear details about the horses and the history of each coach as their whips guide them around the back lawn.  The colorful event also includes a friendly horn-blowing competition.   Please note: Dogs are not permitted on the grounds, except for certified service animals.  There will be no parking at The Elms during the exhibition.

Sunday, August 19 Morning Drive to Marble House (with Breakers drive-thru)

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