Elevate Fitness, a boutique fitness studio that opened in Middletown last November is now offering GOFLO® Bungee Fitness classes – the first in Rhode Island to offer a class of this kind.

“Bungee Cord Fitness is the future of suspension training. It’s a super effective workout, that strengthens the core better than any other suspension trainer. It’s low impact & easy on the joints, so it’s appropriate for all ages & skill levels,” says owner Kathy Martin.


The GOFLO® Trainer system is a unique combination of spring-loaded suspension cords with multiple attachments for your body, feet, & hands. This array of attachments allows you to vary your workout & training in an infinite number of fat burning exercises & routines.

It provides your body with both support & resistance allowing you to work with the GOFLO® to become almost weightless as it supports & assists you with your training or work against the GOFLO® spring-loaded explosive power bands to raise intensity to a whole new level.


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“We’ve offered a few sneak peek classes in the past couple weeks & it’s been a hit,” says Martin, “I’m excited to bring this innovative fitness class to more clients looking for variety & an effective low impact workout to incorporate into to their current fitness routine.”

View the studio schedule & sign up for GOFLO® Bungee Fitness classes & more at elevatefitnpt.com. Elevate Fitness is located at 60 Hammarlund Way, Middletown, Rhode Island, 02842.