Photo (L to R): Paula Jestings, Kayla Andreen, Lorena McCabe, Rev. Dr. Paul Hoffman

Delivery vans, painting crews and new outdoor signage are clear signs that the new EFC Newport campus launch at 14 Potomac Street, Portsmouth, EFC North, is fast approaching.

With Saturday, March 10 as the official Grand Opening launch date, the new staff is working tirelessly to prepare for a successful and celebratory event.

“We have been preparing many months for this launch,” said Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Paul Hoffman. “The excitement of having an EFC campus site located in northern Newport County is growing in the community. In today’s challenging world, people are looking for healthy connections. We are committed to growing a vibrant campus that welcomes people regardless of where they’ve been or how they got here.”

North Campus Director Paula Jestings notes, “The DNA of this campus site is rooted solidly in the mission, visions and values of EFC Newport, our main church. We believe in seeing lives changed by following Jesus, loving people and reaching our world. With a campus location in Portsmouth at 14 Potomac Road, we are excited for the opportunity to be a part of this community, connecting with people in the day to day of their lives.” A graduate of Northeastern University, Jestings will be responsible for the operations of the campus site, working closely with members and the community.

Additional staff members include Kayla Andreen of Portsmouth and Lorena McCabe of Newport. A native of Portsmouth, Kayla will serve as the Children’s Ministry Director. With extensive experience working with special needs children and adults, she recently completed a year-long internship at EFC Newport in the Children’s Ministry. Her passion for the children is clear as she readies the nursery and pre-k area for new students in March. Andreen is a student at Community College of Rhode Island, wife, and mother.

Lorena McCabe will serve as the Director of Worship overseeing worship operations for both EFC Newport and EFC North campus. Raised in upstate New York, Lorena has set deep roots in Newport County in the several years she has lived here, loving the ocean and the wonderful people she connects with daily. A graduate of Sage College of Albany, she has served as Director Worship at EFC Newport since 2014.

At EFC North, services will be held on Saturday evening at 5 pm, a time convenient for many busy families and those who are unable to attend traditional Sunday services. Located in the north end of Portsmouth, EFC North is a family-focused, Gospel-centered, people loving faith community. An outward facing church, EFC North’s anticipates a high level of involvement with the people of northern Newport County.

EFC North is a campus site of EFC Newport, a contemporary Christian church located at 70 Bliss Mine Road. For more information visit