Newport Restaurants

It’s beginning to look a whole lot more like the off-season around Newport, RI. Many restaurants have already permanently/temporarily closed or are preparing to do so over the next few weeks.

Temporarily Closing 

This story was originally published on January 2nd, it will be updated as more information is received and confirmed.

  1. Aloha Cafe: Closed until further notice
  2. 22 Bowen’s: Closed for a short time last winter, 2018 dates to be confirmed
  3. @ The Deck: Closed until March.
  4. Benjamin’s: Closed until January 21st
  5. Black Pearl: Closing January 3rd at 3 pm. Reopening on March 15th
  6. Brick Alley Pub: Closed February 4th – 8th. Reopens on February 9th
  7. Bouchard’s: Closed for a short time last winter, 2018 dates to be confirmed
  8. Cafe Zelda: Closed for a short time last winter, 2018 dates to be confirmed
  9. Caleb & Broad: Closed January 22nd, reopen on February 2nd.
  10. Chanler Hotel/Spiced Pear:Closed for a short time last winter, 2018 dates to be confirmed
  11. Christie’s: Closed for season
  12. Dockside: Closed for season
  13. Easton’s Point Pub & Restaurant: Permanently closing on January 7th, reopening as Diego’s this spring.
  14. Fifth Element:Closed for a short time last winter, 2018 dates to be confirmed
  15. Flo’s (Middletown & Portsmouth): Closed until spring.
  16. Fluke: Closed for month of January.
  17. Franklin Spa: Closed until February 2nd
  18. French Confection: closed from the 7th of January through January 22nd.
  19. Gary’s Handy Lunch: Closed January 2nd – 13th. Reopens on January 14th.
  20. Gas Lamp Grille: Closed until 5 pm on January 12th
  21. Jade Cricket: Closed until spring.
  22. Jamestown Fish: Closed for a short time last winter, 2018 dates to be confirmed
  23. KJ’s: Permanently closed.
  24. Lobster Bar: Closed until spring.
  25. Marina Cafe & Pub: Closed until spring.
  26. Midtown Oyster Bar: Closed January 2nd – 4th. Reopens on January 5th
  27. Mudville Pub: Closed.
  28. Perro Salado: Closed from the evening of January 7th thru January 12th.
  29. Red Parrot: Closing on January 22nd for 3 days.
  30. Rhumbline: Closed until further notice.
  31. Rosemary & Thyme: Closed until spring
  32. Salvation Cafe: Closed from Sunday, January 28 thru Wednesday, February 14.
  33. Scales & Shells: Reopening in late January, exact date TBD
  34. Smoke House: Closed until spring
  35. Teas & Javas: Closed until further notice.
  36. The Boat Yard: Closed until further notice.
  37. The Landing: Closed until spring.
  38. The Pier: Closed until spring
  39. The Port: Closed until spring.
  40. The Revolving Door Restaurant:  Closed for a short time last winter, 2018 dates to be confirmed
  41. White Horse Tavern: Closed for a short time last winter, 2018 dates to be confirmed

You can also count on the Lawn at Castle Hill, all patio’s (Black Pearl, 22 Portside, Pineapples By The Bay) and roof decks’ (Hotel Viking & Vanderbilt Grace) being closed until spring 2018.

Open Throughout Winter

Meaning these restaurants have not indicated or confirmed they will be temporarily closing at all.

  1. 99 Restaurant & Pub 
  2. A -1 Pizza Of Newport 
  3. Buskers Irish Pub & Restaurant 
  4. Castle Hill Inn and Restaurant
  5. Celtica
  6. Christie’s 
  7. Clarke Cooke House Restaurant
  8. Corner Cafe
  9. Diego’s 
  10. Empire Tea & Coffee 
  11. Fastnet Irish Pub 
  12. Five 33 
  13. Forty 1 North 
  14. Griswold’s Tavern
  15. Harry’s Bar & Burger
  16. Hungry Monkey
  17. Jimmy’s Saloon 
  18. Jo’s Bistro 
  19. Kio’s Asian Stir 
  20. La Forge Casino 
  21. Lucia Italian Restaurant
  22. MainSail
  23. Malt On Broadway 
  24. Mamma Luisa Restaurant 
  25. Mel’s Cafenio
  26. Mokka Coffeehouse (Open Mon-Sat 8-4, Sunday 8-noon)
  27. Mooring Restaurant 
  28. Muse By Jonathan Cartwright 
  29. Newport Blues Cafe
  30. Newport Creamery 
  31. Newport Grand Grille 
  32. Newport Tokyo House 
  33. Nikolas Pizza 
  34. Norey’s Star Restaurant 
  35. North End Steakhouse 
  36. O’brien’s Pub 
  37. One Bellevue 
  38. Panera Bread 
  39. Panini Grille 
  40. Parlor Bar & Kitchen
  41. Pasta Beach 
  42. Peaceable Market 
  43. Pour Judgement 
  44. Raw Power Juice Bar 
  45. Safari Room At Ocean Cliff 
  46. Saltwater at Newport Harbor Hotel
  47. Salvation Café
  48. Sardella’s Italian Restaurant 
  49. Scratch Kitchen & Catering
  50. Speakeasy Bar & Grill 
  51. Stoneacre
  52. Tavern On Broadway 
  53. Thai Cuisine 
  54. The Conservatory At Vanderbilt Grace 
  55. Wharf Pub 
  56. Winner Winner
  57. Via Via Pizza 

Salve Regina University Seahawks skate for Mental Health Awareness

The third annual Mental Health Awareness Night organized by the Salve Regina University’s Men’s Ice Hockey Team raised more than $4,000 in support of Newport  Mental Health’s mission to destigmatize the conversation around mental health and provide mental health and substance use treatment to those who live, work, and study in Newport County.
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