Providence’s Americana scene is very much a cornucopia of talents. There’s a motley crew of folky singer-songwriters, rhythmic bluegrass acts and bluesy rock bands that make up a unique community. The Low Cards are indeed a part of it and they put a swampy spin on the style with their self-titled debut that was released on November 29. Dan Baker slings on guitar while crooning a voice that’s reminiscent of both Tom Waits and John Fogarty. The rhythm section of Brian Jablonski on upright bass and Matt Slobogan on drums is the glue that holds everything together.

The band’s sound is like a jug band without a jug. They convey a vibe that’s energetic and fun much like an act that would be playing on a street corner with random instruments like a washboard and pots & pans. It’s an organic essence that brings about the comparisons. There’s no nonsense and each song off of the album is straight to the point. A thud is consistent throughout the album as well while adding emphasis and feeling.

“Road Outta Here” is a raw rock & roll track that’s about leaving things behind and moving on. There’s a steady build up in the beginning that leads to an abundance of twanging. With a steady backing coming from Jablonski and Slobogan, “Closer” has a jumpy structure and it’s one of the faster tracks off of the album. For the ones who like to reminisce about fancy cars, “Corvette” definitely goes out to them. It has a badass aesthetic that gives it a chance of being part of an action film soundtrack.

The Low Cards will be making a stop at The Grange in Providence’s west end on December 20th with MorganEve Swain from Brown Bird & The Huntress and Holder Of Hands. They’ll also be heading up to the Boston area on January 6 to rock Atwood’s Tavern in Cambridge, MA. Whether you can only catch one of the shows or you’re planning on being at both, grab a copy of the new album. Its honest rock & roll music done in peculiar ways.