If  your goal in life is to become Newport’s own version of Kobayashi, or just impress your friends, this list of gut-busting challenges is for you.

1 – The Hungry Monkey’s King Kong 15 Egg Omelet Challenge


You have one hour to finish the entire five pound meal that consists of an 15 egg omelet filled with chorizo, other meats, veggies, 4 difference cheeses, home fries/hash browns and toast.

Those that finish receive the meal for free ($28 value), free shirt, free mug and get placed on the “Wall Of Fame”.


2 – O’Brien’s Big Boy Burger Challenge

You have one sitting to finish two huge patties with lots of cheese that is served on a custom with 1 lb of fries.  Everything weighs around 4.5 lbs.

If you finish you win a free shirt and your picture goes on the Wall of Fame.

3 – Newport Creamery’s Awful Awful Milkshake Challenge

You have one sitting to drink three 24-oz Awful Awful’s.

What do you get for finishing 3? A 4th one free.

4 – Cilantro’s Kingman Burrito Challenge


You have 25 minutes to finish a giant 4 1/2 pound burrito that is served dry with lots of delicious sauce, veggies, beans, and rice.

If you finish the $20 meal you receive a voucher to get your net burrito for free and your names goes on a plaque.

This story was originally published on November 29th, 2015. It has been updated and republished.

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