Newport Polo and Newport Opera House Theater & Performing Arts Center have announced that Newport Polo’s Gala la Bamba on August 4th raised over $32,000 for the Theater, a new record in fundraising from the Newport Polo Club’s annual black tie charity gala.

Gala la Bamba received over 400 guests in glamorous culturally-inspired black tie & evening gowns for a night of exquisite gourmet cuisine, dancing, and heart-warming philanthropy to welcome international guests of honor, the Mexican Polo Team, at Rosecliff, one of Newport’s famed Bellevue Avenue mansions.

This is the second year the Newport Polo Gala Committee named the Opera House Theater as honorary non-profit of its annual gala; the first year was 2009.

With over $32,000 raised, the contributions will be matched and doubled by the Creative and Cultural Economy Bond the Opera House Theater received from the state in 2014 and will be invested into construction.

Remarking on the evening’s success, Dan Keating, President and Founder of Newport Polo said, “When we first supported the Opera House in 2009, they were just starting this long project, and it looked like an insurmountable task. But after years of dedication, the team at the Opera House has almost finished this enormous renovation.”

Keating continued, “We hope to help push them over the hump this year, because supporting this project will enhance the cultural fabric of the community and reap benefits indefinitely into the future, for generations to come. We are fortunate to have this group of individuals, who have made the Newport Opera House theater & Performing Arts Center a reality for all of us.”

Opera House Theater Executive Director, Brenda Nienhouse, spoke about the Opera House Theater at the gala and experienced firsthand the brimming enthusiasm for the project.

“Everyone was excited. It was a fabulous event. A great time for a great cause. We exceeded our goal of $25,000. We thank Agnes and Dan Keating and everyone at Newport Polo and throughout the community for their continued support! They made an impact. They know how much this performing arts center will mean to so many people, for generations to come,” said Nienhouse.

The Opera House Theater hopes to open in the year of its 150th anniversary in the summer of 2018.