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I had the pleasure of working with Dawn Euer when we both served the city of Newport volunteering on the Energy and Environment Commission. I saw first-hand how Dawn approached an issue in a holistic way. As an attorney, Dawn always had insight as to what would be involved when approaching different issues. She worked in a collaborative way, seeking input from all sides of an issue to come to conclusions in an efficient manner. This saved time and effort by getting everyone involved and on the same page from the start.

Dawn considers the effect policy maker’s decisions have on people’s lives and seeks fairness and balance for, and from, all parties involved. As well as being a champion for social justice, Dawn believes in a sensible business climate for the many small businesses that operate in district 13. Streamlining business regulation is one of her goals.

Much unlike some of the other candidates, Dawn identifies problems facing the constituents of district 13 and cites specific ideas on how to solve them, instead of making broad, ambiguous statements. Knowing the problems and having a pragmatic plan for solutions makes Dawn stand out from her competitors for the district 13 Senate seat.

Dawn has been involved with business regulation, anti-corruption in government, elderly and environmental issues, as well as several other issues. With her experience, knowledge and passion for people, I believe Dawn is the best person to represent district 13 for the best results in making everyone’s life better. I hope you will join me on August 22nd in electing Dawn Euer to be our Senator for district 13.

Doug Sabetti
Vernon Ave., Newport

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