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@The Deck is looking to expand its entertainment license by increasing the maximum decibel from 65 decibels to 75 decibels.

UPDATE: Wednesday, April 26th – City Council Approves @ The Deck’s Entertainment License Expansion

This won’t be the first time the restaurant has looked to expand its Annual Class B (outdoor) Entertainment License, over the last few years the restaurant has been denied the expansion to increase the decibel level.

@The Deck falls under Waterfront Business Zoning (WB), according to the City Of Newport Zoning map. According to Newport City Ordinance 8.12.080., “Maximum permissible sound levels by receiving land use”, the maximum allowed dba in the WB district is 55 dBA from 1 am to 7 am and 75 dBA during all other times.

If @The Deck is zoned in “Waterfront Business” and allowed to 75 dBA, why are they currently only allowed to have the maximum decibel level of 65 dBA? It is possible that City Council or Zoning has placed them under “Public Water” or “Noise Sensitive Area” because @The Deck is located right on Newport Harbor and they also do abut condominiums on the waterfront.

If so, the maximum allowed dBA allowed for “Public Water” is 55 dBA from 1 am to 7 pm and 65 dBA during all other times. The maximum allowed dBA in a “Noise Sensitive Area” is 65 dBA from 7 am to 9:59 pm and 55 dBA from 10 pm to 6:59 am.

Public hearing of the application will be held by Newport City Council at 6:30 pm on April 12th and April 26th in the Council Chambers at Newport City Hall. Anyone interested in speaking for or against the granting of the expansion can do so at that time.

Pursuant to City Ordinance Chapter 5.68 – Notice of the hearing dates shall also be mailed, at least two weeks prior to the date of the first hearing, by the applicant to the abutters within a two hundred (200) foot radius of the premises at which the new or expanded entertainment is to occur.

Ryan M. Belmore

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