The Greenlove Foundation has announced that it has installed its 2nd water bottle filling station this year in the Melville Elementary School in Portsmouth, RI. The unveiling of the first water station by Greenlove in an elementary school took place in front of an enthusiastic group of students and teachers.

The school’s intern vice principal, Danielle Laurie, organized a spectacular awareness program which covered a discussion on recycling, and the presentation of a video explaining the detrimental effect of plastic on our environment. Finally, after the unveiling which was done by streaming the event on the screen in the auditorium, the students were surprised by the Principal Elizabeth Vivieros, announcing that she has arranged to give every student in the school their own reusable water bottle. The unit was installed during February break and covered as “top secret” until unveiling day on March 2nd. The excitement among the students and their and interest in the environment was priceless.

One of the goals of the Greenlove Foundation is to work with teachers to educate students of water bottle plastic pollution and its direct and deadly effects on our natural resources, marine and wildlife, the importance of reducing waste, and the benefit of reusable water bottles on our environment.

The video presented to Melville students demonstrated how billions of pounds of plastic starts out on land but ends up in a ocean resulting in 40% of our oceans surfaces covered in swirling convergences of plastic, eventually breaking down into very small pieces. The video also showed how thousands of marine lives are killed each year by ingesting the plastic or getting entangled in the accumulated waster and humans consuming the fish intoxicated with plastic. The children were made aware of the importance of recycling and of reusing their water bottles as a good choice good to protect our Earth.

The foundation has thus far installed a water bottle station at The Norman Bird Sanctuary, Fort Adams State Park, Rogers High School, and South Carolina Aquarium in Charleston. Commitments for future installments this spring will be in a Middletown school, North Kingstown High School and Johnston High School.

The Greenlove Foundation was founded to continue Kendra L. Bower’s legacy to fulfill her life dream of protecting and taking care of the earth. For more information on Greenlove, visit

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