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Good news for anyone who values access to delicious, local, humanely raised, 100% grass fed beef: Martin Beck, owner of New England Grass Fed, recently moved his herd of cross-bred Devon, Angus and Hereford yearling cattle from Matunuck to 100 acres of land on Aquidneck Island. He’s leasing the former Van Hof property on the Middletown/Portsmouth border and preparing to open Cloverbud Ranch, a collaborative farm stand, on Jepson Lane in May.

Cloverbud Ranch | New England Grass Fed

Luckily, you don’t have to wait until May to try this nutritionally superior beef that’s been chosen by some of Rhode Island’s top chefs. You can customize a Pasture Pack of 20 lbs of various cuts for $215 or get some friends and family together and go in on a Herd Share. When you order in bulk, Beck said he’ll give you a tour of the property so you can check out the herd for yourself. Contact Martin Beck at (401) 230-4027 or to design your own order by phone or email.

Cloverbud Ranch | New England Grass Fed

Another way to enjoy this locally-raised meat is to head to Tavern on Broadway or Wharf Pub and order a burger, Beck said both restaurants source their hamburger meat from New England Grassfed.

Beck feels passionately about sustainable, biodynamic farming. New England Grassfed beef is:

-Pastured in a calm, low-stress environment using organic protocol – no fertilizer, herbicides or pesticide spraying

-Raised without antibiotics or growth hormones

-Full of healthy fats and B vitamins – nutritionally superior to grain-fed beef

-Tasty – long period grazing high-diversity pasture results in deep, mineralized flavor

-Rotationally grazed to build soil health and maintain high-quality, diverse, nutritionally rich pasture

In addition to beef, Beck said poultry and rabbit meat will be available for purchase at Cloverbud Ranch. Plus, five acres in the front of the parcel will be dedicated to an organic farm growing vegetables and berries, in partnership with several local growers. Expect to find lettuces, beans, berries, melons, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers and more.

Beck said you can also expect to find honey – he’s in talks with a beekeeper who plans to bring several colonies to the property – and fresh cut flowers for purchase.

Find out more about signing up for the Cloverbud Ranchshare CSA Program here or contact Martin to learn more.

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Cloverbud Ranch | New England Grass Fed